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Jill here. I am the founder of Successful Solution and I’m here to help you and your family deal with conflict, improve communication, solve problems and reach agreements on legal and non-legal issues.

My Credentials

How Litigation is Destructive to
Relationships and Families

Litigation, particularly in the context of family disputes, can be harmful, this is what I see is not right with litigation for families and relationships:

Mediation paves the way to improving communication and de-escalating stress and conflict. Mediation helps heal families and businesses and sets them up for future success.
Divorce Coaching provides the support and guidance you need throughout the divorce process.
Life Transition Coaching helps you gain perspective on your present circumstances and manage the discomfort created by change. Together we sculpt the life you want and boldly design your future!

I can help you overcome the fears and obstacles in your life.

Here’s my Transition Story

A child of divorce, a teacher, a coach, a wife, a stepparent, a mother, a divorcee, a single parent, an empty-nester, a “Gigi” and in August 2021 a newlywed!
It is my desire to inspire, educate and empower others. I work with clients to create solutions that are best for everyone involved, especially the children. In my mediation practice, I hold a strong conviction to help reduce conflict so that divorcing spouses and parents remain in control of their own divorce and avoid litigation in court.

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