An Inside Look at Parent Coordination in Florida

A paper house and family are divided in two by a judge gavel. Learn how a parent coordinator in Florida can help you put differences aside via parent coordination near Tampa, FL. Search “parent coordinator near me” for more info.

Parents need to put their differences aside and make decisions that are in the best interest of their children.

Divorce is hands down the most painful and stressful period in anyone’s life. Compounding this stress, divorcing parents are asked to make decisions regarding their future. Decisions with the best interest of their children in mind while amid an adversarial legal battle. Often, divorcing parents need the assistance of a Parent Coordinator. A Parent Coordinator can help design and implement a parenting plan that allows all parties to move forward and build a healthy new life. But what exactly is a Parent Coordinator?

You may be scared to allow a third party into your world at such a devastating time. But a Parent Coordinator can assist with the delicate and often complex issues surrounding child-related disagreements between you and your ex-spouse. This article can alleviate some of your fears and enlighten you on how a parent coordinator can benefit your family.


A person stands between two elephants while pushing them away. This could represent the mediation of a parent coordinator in Florida. Learn more about parent coordination in Florida by searching “parent coordination near Tampa, FL” today.

Parent Coordinators are Divorce Mediators

Divorce mediators in Tampa are professionals trained in conflict resolution. They act as neutral third parties in the conflict resolution process.   Parent coordinators are mediators who have extensive knowledge and understanding of child development. A Parent Coordinator has ample experience in helping families through the hills and valleys of separation, divorce, and remarriage. Furthermore, a Parent Coordinator has a vested interest in helping your family survive and thrive and to begin the process of moving forward to build a new family structure that brings security and continuity to your children.

Parent Coordinators and Divorce Coaching in Florida

To begin, the Parent Coordinator meets with both parents separately to better understand the issues causing conflict.  The transition from parenting in one home to going alone as a single co-parent can be difficult, confusing, and lonely. A Parent Coordinator can help you manage your brain through this transition. In addition, a Parent Coordinator can guide you toward effective communication with your ex-spouse. Also, the Parent Coordination process educates you on conflict resolution and provides sensible insights into problem-solving skills. Amazingly, by just controlling your side of the conflict, you and your children will reap the benefits of decreased turmoil and peace. During the parent coordinator process, the parents will be guided toward the structuring and implementation of a parenting plan.  When a parenting plan has been completed,  each parent has a clear road map of their days, weeks, months, and years of timesharing with the children.

A silhouette of a person holding their childs hands. A parent coordinator in Florida can offer support with parent coordination in Florida and other services. Learn more by searching “parent coordination in Florida” today.

A Parent Coordinator’s Goals for Your Family:

  • The child is shielded from conflict.
  • The child is allowed to love both parents.
  • The co-parenting relationship is improved.
  • The co-parents have increased cooperation.
  • Parenting plans are clarified and implemented with no discord.
  • The co-parents respect their children enough to eliminate conflict in their presence.
  • Each child has two homes where they are loved, cherished, and allowed to develop normally.

The PC’s goal is to work her way out of a job….when the divorced family no longer needs a  parent coordinator!

Begin Working With A Parent Coordinator in Florida

Successful Solution Parent Coordination is physically located in Clearwater, Florida but I can work with clients anywhere in the state of Florida with my online divorce help services. I also offer support for divorce mediation, divorce coaching, and life transitions as well.  You can start your coaching journey by following these simple steps:

  1. Contact me for a free consultation.
  2. Get to know me and my coaching process
  3. Start creating a lasting parenting plan!

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