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Healthy Divorce: A Mediator’s Role in Buffering ACEs

           Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are traumatic events in a child’s life. This trauma can include physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, physical or emotional neglect, domestic violence, parental mental illness, parental substance abuse, an incarcerated household member, and divorce. ACEs significantly reprogram the stress-response system and affect the neurological processes of […]



       Children are oftentimes the victims in high conflict divorce.  In the United States, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce.  This figure does not include the breakup of unmarried parents or “paternity” cases. Divorce may seem rather commonplace in today’s world; however, a dissolution of marriage is recognized as one of […]

5 Keys to Preparing for a Successful Mediation

 5 Keys to Preparing for a Successful Mediation Often parties don’t know what to expect when heading into mediation. Whether your mediation is scheduled in person or attending a virtual mediation, take time to do some homework. This could make the difference between resolution and impasse! Understand the mediation process. Mediation is a consensual or […]