The Bridge to Your Best Life.

Life is a story of transitions……we are always leaving one chapter behind while moving on to the next.

Change can be difficult and leave you feeling anxious, stressed, or simply stuck without a clear path forward.

But sometimes even the strongest, most successful people need some help.

I’m here to help you boldly navigate this next chapter.

You may be hesitant to seek help with personal matters, but let me reassure you that this will be the right step to get to a better place.

You don’t need to go it alone.

You can courageously become the best version of yourself.

Let me show you what is possible and help you create the life you have always wanted.

Together we can do it.  You deserve it.  Now’s your time.

You Are In the Right Place. Let’s Get Started.

Successful Solution
Jill St. Louis
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I have helped hundreds of people navigate conflict and divorce. I have been in your shoes, and I understand how daunting it can be to walk down the uncertain hall of divorce alone. You don’t know whom to trust because the person you have relied on all these years is now perceived to be your enemy. You want to ensure that your children will be okay. But first, you need to be okay.

My one-to-one coaching program can help you:

• Get your ducks in a row prior to a possible divorce.

• Create a road map for you and your family to navigate the divorce process.

• Support you as you turn the tide on a divorce that just seems to be going from bad to worse.

• Regain confidence and trust in yourself throughout the divorce.

• Courageously build a new life full of passion and purpose.


“I was a bit skeptical about life coaching in the beginning. However, Jill was able to help me realize simple areas I can improve on, and she has given me concrete steps to be able to achieve what I really want. She’s given me powerful tools to be able to succeed in multiple areas of my life. I’d highly recommend her!”

“My husband and I are empty nesters in our late 50’s. My husband retired early due to health issues. I am continuing in my career with the goal of employment until age 66. This has been challenging financially and relationally. We also have a young family member with significant issues moving in with us for a year who is in a transitional phase of life needing shelter, encouragement, and guidance. With all of this, your Life Coaching strategies (C,T,F,A,R) have given me a framework to navigate these current challenges in this season of life. Your coaching gives me “self-care” tips that lowers my anxiety and allows me to focus on what is in “my locus of control” to think, plan, and respond with appropriate actions.”

“I’ve had several Life Coaching sessions with Jill so she can help me with making healthy eating choices so I can improve my overall health. She is very knowledgeable & professional and really listens to what I’m saying. She’s already helped me realize some of my triggers & why I might make the choices I do and given me some practical things to work on. I’ve had doctors & nutritionists that have done tests & told me “eat this, don’t eat that”, but no one has ever helped me try to figure out WHY I’m making certain choices & given me strategies to help myself. I’m looking forward to more sessions & wish I would’ve done this a long time ago. Thanks, Jill.”

You Are In
the Right Place!

Let’s Get Started!

You Are In the Right Place. Let’s Get Started.

Successful Solution
Jill St. Louis
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