How Are You

You starring as your own Life Coach (part 2)
Your answer, your current feeling, depends on your thought.
Our thoughts totally dictate our feelings.
So, when you notice your feeling, stop to notice your current thought.
Close your eyes for a few seconds.
Notice how you are feeling.
Where do you feel this feeling in your body? Your chest, your stomach, your neck?
What color is this feeling?
Is this feeling hot or cold, heavy or light?
Feelings are vibrations in our body caused by our thoughts.
And our thoughts are optional.
The holidays can bring up a whole array of feelings for many people.
But neuroscientists have discovered that just by naming a feeling such as nervousness, we can decrease our anxiety level by 50%.
This occurs because when we begin to analyze the feeling, some of the energy is diverted from the emotional reactive part of the brain to our prefrontal cortex, the more evolved, executive thinking area of the brain.
So, therefore, the next step in your self-coaching journey, is to get in touch with your feelings by just noticing and naming.

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