How To Be Your Own Life Coach (Part 1)

Life can be wonderful, complicated, confusing, and amazing all at the same time.
We all have 60,000 thoughts a day. 60,000!
They float across our brains like clouds in the sky.
It’s those thoughts that we choose to have and to hold, that become engrained as a belief.
So, we have beliefs that our brain actually treats as facts.
Facts are defined as something provable in a court of law and something that everyone would agree on.
Many ideas our brains tell us are facts are actually thoughts that we have held onto for so long we just believe.
Understanding how to separate thoughts from facts is the first step to becoming your own life coach.
We all walk around with so many “thought errors” that cloud our judgement.
Our brains tell us it’s the truth. But is it? Is it provable in court? Would everyone agree? I mean EVERYONE?
Someone says something to you.
That’s a fact. The actual words that are spoken. Provable in court and everyone who heard would agree on the exact words that were said.
Facts are facts.
We can’t change them.
Your brain might have a positive or negative thought about what was said.
Notice the thought with curiosity.
Examine the thought.
Start to pull apart facts from thoughts.
This is the first step to becoming your own life coach.
Learn this skill.
Because, for Christ sake, we can’t all walk around with a life coach attached to our hips!

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