How to Find the Right Divorce Mediator for You

how to find a divorce mediator

In the midst of a divorce, when emotions run high and decisions are tough, finding common ground can be really hard. Saying goodbye to a life partner is never easy, and figuring out how to move forward can be confusing. Alongside the emotional ups and downs, there are legal details and the challenge of dividing a life built together. This leaves many couples stuck, not knowing how to find a divorce mediator to guide them through this tough time. 

The big question is: How do you find the right divorce mediator to help you through all of this?

This article outlines the steps to make your selection process more effective. It’s based upon a thorough investigation of documented experiences.

Let’s get started.

Divorce Mediation Can Make a Huge Difference

Choosing mediation for your divorce can be a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to going to court. Studies show that almost 90 percent of divorce cases mediated by professionals end in successful settlements. To start your journey towards a peaceful divorce, the first crucial step is selecting the right divorce mediator for your case.

But, how do you select the best divorce mediator for your case out of all those who offer this service?

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how to find a divorce mediator

What You Should Look For in a Divorce Mediator

Most mediators offer a free first session to explain the process and determine whether working together is a good match. When you are researching and talking to mediators, consider whether they have the qualities listed below.

Specialized Knowledge

When financial concerns take center stage in your divorce, seek a mediator with expertise in handling financial disputes. Look for a professional who can assist in crafting equitable property distribution strategies If the primary issue in your divorce revolves around child custody, opt for a mediator with specialized training or experience in custody mediation. 

Appropriate Training

It’s important that your mediator has received the right training. This is especially crucial if you’re considering a mediator with a legal background. While divorce lawyers know the law well, their courtroom experience might bring a confrontational vibe, which isn’t helpful when you’re trying to resolve things peacefully. You need someone with the skills to run successful mediation sessions, and that comes with the right training.

The Right Personality for You

Select a mediator you trust. Look for someone calm, fair, and a good listener. An effective mediator facilitates couples in finding their own solutions and avoids dominating the conversation with personal opinions.

7 Questions to Ask Potential Mediators

If you’re considering an online mediation service that assigns you a mediator, here are some straightforward questions to help you make an informed decision:

How much mediation training have you completed?

Ensure the mediator has at least 40 training hours. It’s not just about meeting technical requirements; focus on those with divorce-specific training.

Are you certified by the courts in our state?

Check if the mediator holds court certification, as some states may require it. This adds credibility to their expertise.

What types of cases do you typically handle?

While experience in various legal areas can be beneficial, specialization in divorce cases can provide added comfort and understanding.

How long have you been mediating divorces, and how many cases have you handled?

Don’t hesitate to ask about the mediator’s experience. Also, inquire about their definition of success and how frequently they have achieved it.

What are your charges?

Understand the mediator’s fee structure, whether hourly, per session, or a flat rate for the entire process. Clarify if the fees can be shared between you and your spouse.

Do you charge extra for additional services?

Inquire about any additional fees for tasks like assistance with filling out the necessary Florida Supreme Court forms, or extra sessions if an agreement isn’t reached in the scheduled meetings.

These questions apply whether the mediation is online or in person. Additionally, ask about the overall process and whether any special technology is required.

How to Find a Divorce Mediator

Finding a qualified divorce mediator is straightforward due to the popularity of mediation in resolving legal disputes. Here are some easy-to-follow tips:

Personal Recommendations

Seek advice from those with firsthand experience. Family or friends who have undergone divorce mediation can provide valuable referrals.

Consult Your Marriage Counselor or Therapist

Inquire with your marriage counselor or therapist about mediators they have worked with. Professionals in this field often have valuable insights.

Online Mediation Services

Utilize online mediation services to connect with qualified mediators effortlessly. These services typically match your case with a mediator based on your responses.

National and State Mediator Organizations

Investigate national and state mediator organizations, such as the National Association of Community Mediation, the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, and the Academy of Professional Family Mediators. These organizations can direct you to reputable mediators.

how to find a divorce mediator

Choosing a Mediator Together With Your Partner

Selecting a mediator isn’t a solo decision; both partners must agree. Most couples follow one of two methods:

  • Mutual Selection: Both spouses pick a mediator from a list provided by each other. This ensures that both voices are heard in the decision-making process.
  • Approval-Based Selection: One spouse chooses a mediator from a pre-approved list, ensuring that the selected mediator meets both parties’ criteria.

Deciding when to bring up the topic of mediation with your spouse is a personal choice. Some find it effective to compile a list of potential mediators after conducting interviews and then present it to their spouse when suggesting mediation. 

Others, concerned about their spouse feeling cornered, prefer discussing the idea first before starting the search. The best approach depends on your relationship dynamics and what feels comfortable for both of you.

Begin Your Florida Divorce Mediation with Successful Solution

At Successful Solution, we value efficiency and collaboration, crucial elements in navigating the complexities of divorce. Operating in sunny Florida, our online mediation services offer a tailored approach whether you and your partner opt for mutual selection or approval-based choices. 

For more information on our mediation services in Florida, feel free to contact me. Here’s to a future filled with peace and new beginnings.

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