Insider’s Guide to Florida Online Divorce Mediation

What is online divorce mediation anyway?

Divorce mediation is when divorcing spouses meet with a neutral third party, a mediator, who helps them discuss and negotiate their issues and develop their unique agreement. Online divorce mediation allows each party to remain in the comfort of their own home or office. In Florida, the mediator can guide the couple through the necessary steps of an agreement and file a signed agreement and any related documents as permitted by court rules. Technically, divorce is a legal dispute, so mediation is an alternate way to resolve all the issues in your family case without ever having to hear a judge decide.

A close up of hands stacking blocks with the words judge, mediator, wife, and husband. Learn more about the support divorce mediation in Florida can offer. Contact a divorce coach near Tampa, FL or search divorce mediation near me today.

Divorce: Where do I start? 

Before hiring an attorney and having your spouse served with divorce papers, the best first step is understanding everything you can about divorce mediation. Empower yourself with the tools to get through a divorce with as minimal time, expense, and emotional stress as possible.  Once you understand the mediation process, you can approach your spouse with the subject of divorce and explain the mediation process as a healthy option.

Research mediators in your area specializing in divorce and contact a few mediators for a consultation. I offer free Zoom consultations for clients anywhere in Florida.

What happens during an online divorce mediation?

What happens in divorce mediation generally depends on the mediator. My approach to mediation is to start by listening to each party separately and getting a good understanding of each spouse’s wants and needs. I like to reassure parties that in mediation, no one is going to force anyone into any one-sided agreements. All agreements we make will be agreed to fully by both parties. I help the divorcing spouses to understand each sides of the issues that needs to be addressed in a divorce. These issues can include timesharing and creating a parenting plan, decision-making, child support, spousal support, and allocation of assets and debts.

Divorcing spouses can meet in one Zoom joint session or meet privately with the mediator in a separate and more confidential online space. Each online mediation session can last for a couple of hours. Suppose we are meditating on only a segment of the divorce, such as the parenting plan. In that case, one session may be sufficient to gather all the information and negotiate the necessary agreements. Once we have completed the parenting plan mediation,  I can assist the parties in filling out any related documents as permitted by court rules. If we are mediating several segments of the divorce, I usually schedule several sessions ahead of time and create a mediation road map so that we all understand where we are going and how we will get to the end.

A man smiles while typing on his computer. This could represent the ease of online divorce mediation in Florida. Learn more about the support of divorce mediation in Orlando, FL by searching for divorce mediation near me today.

How do I prepare?

First, decide whether you want to be represented by an attorney or to appear pro se without an attorney. I suggest that clients get legal advice before coming into divorce mediation. Many attorneys will allow you to pay for an hour of their time without the financial pressure of committing to legal representation. For more on mediation preparation, check out my blog, Five Keys to Preparing for a Successful Divorce Mediation in Florida.

A graphic showing divorce alternatives including divorce mediation. Learn more about the support divorce mediation in Florida can offer. Contact a divorce coach near Tampa, FL, or search divorce mediation near me today.


Divorce Mediation in Florida is Always an Option

Whether an attorney represents you or you have decided to divorce without an attorney, requesting and seeking mediation early in the process can save you time, money, and stress. Consult a family law mediator to take the first step toward a low-conflict divorce. Successful Solution is physically located in Clearwater, Florida. But I am happy to assist clients with online Mediation anywhere in Florida. Separately, I also offer online divorce coaching, life transition coaching, and online parent coordination.

You can start your mediation journey by following these simple steps:

  1. Contact me for a free divorce mediation consultation.
  2. Get to know me and my mediation process.
  3. Start navigating your low-conflict divorce journey.

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