Just Do It

(Part 3 of YOU starring as your own life coach!)
Exactly what ARE you doing, anyway?
Well, whatever you are doing,
not doing,
contemplating doing,
just finished doing
intend to do…
these actions or inactions are driven by a feeling.
And every feeling stems from a thought.
Wait, What?
Actions DO speak louder than words!
Here’s how:
There are facts…circumstances in your life that you can’t change.
Then there are your thoughts about those facts which are the truth you bring to a circumstance.
Thoughts lead to feelings. Every feeling we have is related back to what we are thinking about a circumstance.
Our feelings drive our actions. Everything we do is driven by a feeling.
So, it’s not what we say but rather what we THINK that gets reflected in our actions.
Want to accomplish more tomorrow?
What feeling would best motivate you to take action?
What thought will you need to embrace to harness this feeling?
Thoughts to try on:
I can do hard things.
I am deeply loved.
Hard work feels amazing.
Love is always an option.
Everything I do is a choice.
My purpose is the life I am living right now.
Want more help achieving goals? I got you.

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