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Woman looking confused with question marks swirling around her head | This Florida certified life transition coach can help you in Clearwater, Tampa, and beyond with divorce coaching in FL

Are you recently divorced, an empty nester, or experiencing other major life changes?

Does the past version of your life no longer exist?

Are you ready to reinvent yourself either personally and professionally or both?

Are you ready to create the next version of you?

What is reinvention, and what does it mean to reinvent yourself?

You reinvent yourself not because you want to improve the symptoms of your life – but rather to redo who you are.

You reinvent yourself because you want to be the best version of you.

You can choose to take everything you want to take with you.

Choose all the beliefs, feelings, and identities you wish to keep.

Leave behind anything you no longer desire to have in your life.

Photo of woman smiling while holding bucket of paint brushes representing someone who is in the process of recreating their life through life transition coaching | This Florida Life Transition Coach can help you in Clearwater, Tampa, and beyond with divorce coaching and life transition coaching

Nine women in different locations representing clients in Florida and beyind who have used our divorce coaching and life transitions coaching and have recreated their lives and found happiness again.

I have personally changed in two significant ways. I have reinvented myself twice in my life.

The first was in my personal life eight years ago when I got divorced and the second was in my professional life three years ago when I became an empty-nester.

I know where you are now.

I understand the confusion and overwhelm.

I can help you through this process, and together, we can create a road map to get you there.

This reinvention process doesn’t just make you better.

It doesn’t just improve your life.

It completely reestablishes it.

We take everything that is not working in your life and obliterate it.

We create you and your business as brand new.

You will decide who you want to be, and you will reinvent yourself in a way that makes you feel so proud to be who you are.

Don’t live a life of regret.

Don’t repeat the life you already know how to live.

Photo of a woman dancing and smiling on the beach at sunrise representing a client who has recreated her life through our life transitions coaching and divorce coaching | I provide coaching to help you through the divorce process and to help you recreate your new life | Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg Florida and beyond.

Old chest is being opened and rays of lite are streaming out representing the new life we have been granted | This Florida Life Transitions coach can help you recreate your life in Clearwater, Tampa and beyond.

Reinvent yourself.

Reinvent your life.



Several years ago, I came across a box of documents that my mother had saved from my grandmother’s funeral.

My grandmother was born in 1903.

The paperwork explained that the average life expectancy in 1903 was 47 years of age.

It was at that moment that I realized that in just two generations, thanks to modern medicine, we have been gifted an “extra life”.

I call this Life 2.0!

I developed this program for smart, successful people ready to redefine and reenergize their lives and proudly step into the next chapter.

We’ve been taking care of everyone else all these years; we have pushed through adversity and come out the other side wiser, stronger, and ready to embrace the possibilities!


In a youth-obsessed culture, we often feel invisible and are convinced that we are no longer as valuable as we once were.

This message can be discouraging. Our brains compound this by telling us thoughts that we falsely believe are facts.

I help you manage your mind, separate the thoughts from the facts, and understand your feelings to create the results you desire in all areas of life.

Change can be difficult and leave you feeling anxious, stressed, or stuck without a clear path forward.

But sometimes, even the strongest, most, successful people need some help.

I’m here to help you boldly navigate this next chapter.

You may be reluctant to reach out for help with personal matters,

but you will feel confident that this was the right step to get to a better place. You don’t need to go it alone.

You can courageously become the best version of yourself.

Let me show you what is possible and help you go after the kind of life you have always wanted.

Together we can do it.

You deserve it.

Now’s your time.

Let’s get started!

You Are In
the Right Place!

Let’s Get Started!

You Are In the Right Place. Let’s Get Started.

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Begin Coaching Through Your Life Transitions in Florida

You feel stuck. Overwhelmed. Alone. The past version of you no longer exists. The good news is, that I can help with this stressful moment in your life. At Successful Solution, I offer both in-person coaching and online coaching sessions. I do everything I can to make the process of starting coaching as easy as possible. When you are ready to begin your reinvention journey follow these steps:


First, contact me, Jill St. Louis, through my website.


Next, we will set up a free online consultation.


Then, it’s time to move forward to discover the best version of you.


“I was a bit skeptical about life coaching in the beginning. However, Jill was able to help me realize simple areas I can improve on, and she has given me concrete steps to be able to achieve what I really want. She’s given me powerful tools to be able to succeed in multiple areas of my life. I’d highly recommend her!”

“My husband and I are empty nesters in our late 50’s. My husband retired early due to health issues. I am continuing in my career with the goal of employment until age 66. This has been challenging financially and relationally. We also have a young family member with significant issues moving in with us for a year who is in a transitional phase of life needing shelter, encouragement, and guidance. With all of this, your Life Coaching strategies (C,T,F,A,R) have given me a framework to navigate these current challenges in this season of life. Your coaching gives me “self-care” tips that lowers my anxiety and allows me to focus on what is in “my locus of control” to think, plan, and respond with appropriate actions.”

“I’ve had several Life Coaching sessions with Jill so she can help me with making healthy eating choices so I can improve my overall health. She is very knowledgeable & professional and really listens to what I’m saying. She’s already helped me realize some of my triggers & why I might make the choices I do and given me some practical things to work on. I’ve had doctors & nutritionists that have done tests & told me “eat this, don’t eat that”, but no one has ever helped me try to figure out WHY I’m making certain choices & given me strategies to help myself. I’m looking forward to more sessions & wish I would’ve done this a long time ago. Thanks, Jill.”

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