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Photo of man pointing to words that describe why mediation is a healthy choice for divorce. Divorce mediation can provide divorce help in Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg and all of Florida.

What is Family Law Mediation?

Getting a divorce does not require waging a war. A family law mediator is a neutral facilitator who assists a divorcing couple in deciding what is best for their family and their future. A mediator can help with one or two sticky issues during or after a divorce or a mediator can be a guide to navigate the couple through the entire divorce process. Mediation can be done with individuals who are represented by an attorney or with individuals who are pro se. A certified Family Law Mediator can file the necessary paperwork with the courts, including the Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA). The mediator leads the conversation, educates the parties through the entire process, and guides the divorcing couple toward creating amicable agreements. With mediation, you never have to step foot in a courtroom.

Mediation – the choice for a healthy divorce.

In mediation, we take a respectful approach that reduces stress and supports well-being. The very nature of litigation is adversarial and confrontational.  In mediation, the parties are empowered to make amicable, win-win agreements. In litigation, a judge makes all the decisions regarding your future.  Judges do not have the time or resources to know and understand your situation so often both parties are unhappy with the results.  In mediation, your voice is heard, your concerns are heard, and you have the opportunity to make decisions that are best for your family, your business, and your future.

Mediation saves you time and money.

Mediation offers a positive alternative to fighting it out through aggressive lawyers who charge massive legal fees. Our court system is extremely backed up, so court cases can linger on for years.  Mediation keeps you in control of your money and the timeline.  Mediation can often take just one or two sessions.

Photo of a person drawing a puzzle with the pieces fitting together that read "win, win". Divorce mediation is the choice for healthy divorce in Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg and anywhere in Florida.

Communicate Better.
Find Common Ground.
Solve Problems.

What is Parent Coordination?

The overall objective of parent coordination is to assist high-conflict parents in implementing their parenting plan, to monitor compliance with the details of the plan, to resolve conflicts regarding their children and the parenting plan in a timely manner, and to protect and sustain safe, healthy, and meaningful parent-child relationships.

How Can PC Help Families?

  • Teach parents how to communicate effectively about their children.
  • Educate parents about the detrimental effects that ongoing conflict has on their children.
  • Help the parents understand and implement their parenting plan.
  • Help parents resolve conflict by teaching conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.

How does Online Mediation/Parent Coordination work?

All you need is a computer or phone with internet access. Online mediation works essentially the same as face-to-face mediation except that you don’t have to leave your home or office. You will still have the opportunity to meet all together or privately with your mediator.  The mediator will be in control of the session and will ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Mediation and Parent Coordination are now available online!

Successful Solutions offers virtual meetings for all of our services.

Many clients are loving the convenience, privacy, and flexibility of online meetings.

Serving Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Sarasota, and anywhere else in Florida.

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Begin Divorce Mediation in Florida

If you are struggling with an impending or current divorce or need to make some changes post-divorce, we can help. Here are the steps you need to take to learn more about how the mediation process works and how it can benefit you.


First, contact me, Jill St. Louis, through my website.


Next, we will set up a free consultation.


Then, it’s time to reduce the stress and take control of your own divorce.


Thank you, Jill. You are very helpful and keep things calm.

We have been through lawsuits and this one has to be the easiest one yet. Jill, you did an excellent job keeping things under control.

So I wasn’t convinced we actually needed a mediator but I contacted Jill and am glad we did.  We had 4 strong personalities and Jill did a fantastic job with everyone.
She was professional, fair, and direct. None of the 4 partners thought we would make any progress in our mediation meeting. However, after just 2 hours we had an agreement and ALL FOUR partners signed.  Jill was fantastic.

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