Tom and Gisele Divorce Secret Revealed

Two rings rest on a book. Learn how divorce coaching in Florida can offer support by searching “how to file for divorce in Florida without an attorney” today. Read on to learn answers to what is a divorce coach and more.

How did Tom and Giselle get divorced so quickly? Frankly, they knew the SECRET. This secret is revealed in this TMZ article, “Gisele and Tom worked on the terms of their settlement with a mediator. It has all been worked out and they agreed to joint custody of their children.”

Mediation is the secret to getting a jump on your divorce. I will reveal how this SECRET is key to keeping your finances in check.   I’ll explain how this SECRET allows you to move forward while minimizing possible adverse effects to you and your family Secret #1 Mediation keeps you in control of your decisions and your wallet!

Mediation is your chance in the court system for your voice to be heard. Mediation is your opportunity to creatively make the best decisions for you, your family, and your future.  In mediation, you stay in control of the process. You determine what information is discussed and exchanged and what decisions are made. In Florida, courts often require mediation prior to trial. Unfortunately, many times mediation only happens after months, if not years, of litigation involving tremendous conflict and excessive BILLABLE HOURS (i.e. FEES).  I have had numerous clients say, “Where have you been? I wish I had known about mediation years ago when this divorce started!”A woman smiles while gesturing to her laptop. This could represent the joy of remote divorce mediation in Florida. Learn more about how to file for divorce in Florida without an attorney by searching “divorce coaching in florida” today.

Secret #2 Mediate first, not last!

Many intelligent individuals decide to mediate up-front at the beginning of a divorce. A mediator can help to outline the issues that must be resolved in a divorce. In divorces involving children, a mediator can help you establish your parenting plan, which outlines the regular and holiday timesharing schedules, and can use this to determine the child support. A mediator can help you choose the equitable distribution of assets, liabilities, and personal property. Mediation gives you a clear picture of where you stand in the divorce process. A clear view of the issues. A clear understanding of what you agree on and what problems you may have to spend more time resolving.

Secret #3 Attorneys are not required!

Many couples come to mediation with their attorney and many couples choose to get divorced pro se without an attorney. The good news is that you are in control of this in mediation too. You get to choose how much and when to use an attorney. You can choose to use an attorney during your mediation.  Or you can consult with an attorney before mediation to coach you through the process in advance.  Many mediators have attorneys they can refer you to, attorneys the mediators trust, that are accustomed to helping clients prepare for a mediation. An attorney can provide a legal perspective on your issues and help you be equipped with all the necessary information you will need to gather before mediation. You can also consult with an attorney after the mediation to review your mediated agreement prior to signing. So, you don’t need to choose between mediating or using an attorney. You can have it all….your way!

A crowd of people at a concert raise their hands in front of a spotlit stage for Successful Solution Counseling. Learn more about divorce coaching in Florida and divorce mediation in Florida as well. Search “how to file for divorce in Florida without an attorney” to learn more.

Tom and Gisele knew that once they had made the tough decision to divorce, they needed to reduce the stress for themselves and their children. They have set an example for other parents and couples. Divorce can be devastating, but once you understand the SECRET that mediation can provide, you have the power to navigate your divorce like a star!

Learn More About Divorce Coaching in Florida

Successful Solution is physically located in Clearwater, Florida. But, I am happy to assist clients with Mediation anywhere in the state of Florida with online divorce coaching and life transition coaching. You can start your coaching journey by following these simple steps:

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