What Is Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching? What isn’t life coaching? How does life coaching differ from therapy? How do I know if I need a life coach or a therapist?
Life coaching is about getting unstuck in order to move forward and create the results you have always wanted in your life.
It’s that simple.
Step One is understanding that what you really desire is, indeed, within your grasp.
You can literally do or become anything and everything!
Step Two is admitting to yourself that you just can’t or won’t do it alone.
You’ve tried.
Inspiration hits, you are propelled forward with surging emotion, you begin to take steps out of your box, but then fear, doubt, confusion and overwhelm throw you back into your comfortable life.
Therefore, you remain stuck.
We’ve all been there.
Even the best coaches get coached regularly.
How do you think they are so successful?
My name is Jill St.Louis. I’m a coach, mediator and a mom. My children left the nest to start their own amazing lives and I decided that I wanted to make a difference. I started down the counseling path, studying in a master’s counseling program but then, halfway thru, I realized that my true gift is coaching.
I love helping you realize your potential.
I love walking beside you as you courageously step out of your comfortable space.
I help you manage your mind through all the tricks our thoughts and feeling can play on us.
I can see your dream even clearer than you can.
I love following you through this process and helping you celebrate all of the successes along the way.
Do you have a dream?
Do you know that you were meant for more but you just don’t know exactly what or how?
Schedule a mini session with me.
I want to meet you.
Together we can take the first step into the future.

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